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Webster "Webb" Browntree
Dave Flannigan

The young stock car racer who's supposed to follow in the footsteps of his father -- racing legend Nick Browntree -- but just wants to live life on his terms.


Webb's girlfriend.  Very concerned with her image and how things look.  Sweet demeanor hides an iron will. Stubborn in her belief that things and people can always be improved no matter what -- including Webb.



Head of Brand Management Industries, the company that took Nick Browntree to stardom. Power and money hungry.  Not quite as clever as he thinks he is.  But his ruthlessness makes up for it.


A single mom and owner of the Happy Plate Diner which her son, Zack, uses as his playground. Abandoned by her mother and father, she has always felt like an outsider. 

Molly's eleven years old son with a knack for causing trouble.  His world is a giant funhouse and he's always ready to play.

A strong character who is a child at heart. Capable of seemingly impossible feats. Because of this, he's considered ''odd'' even in the crazy world of Shadybrook.


Manager of the Shadybrook Speedway, he's caught up in climbing the corporate ladder as high as he can go.  Or as low.  Constantly at war with himself.  Risk-averse.


Dominican Ham Girl

"Dee-ham" is a product mascot for the Dominican Ham brand of canned ham. Her looks and wit keep her working, but the product is not very popular which is her daily struggle. 


The daredevil whose risks sometimes land her in trouble but whatever happens she's always calm and in control.  Knows her destiny but can't yet find the way to fulfill it.


A jar of Super-concentrated Red Octopus Dye, SCROD is about to go off the deep end because success has eluded him.  Wants to be accepted but can't escape his true identity.

"Hot Rod"

Shadybrook's classic 1950's tough guy.  Arch-rival to Webb.  He wants to be the center of attention and will do anything to make it so.



A ready to eat Jet Dog (a mustard filled hot dog) and SCROD's best friend. While JD believes himself "the smartest guy I know," he's often faced with compelling evidence to the contrary.


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